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What is Attrezzo per Xindice?

Attrezzo per Xindice is a graphical front end for Xindice which is based on Eclipse.

Okay, let's start with the basics:

  • Apache Xindice is a database designed from the ground up to store XML data or what is more commonly referred to as a native XML database. The name is pronounced "zeen-dee-chay" in your best faux Italian accent. It can be found at
  • Attrezzo is pronounced "attrettso" and means tool in Italian. Therefore what we have is a tool for Xindice.
  • Eclipse is a fabulous universal tool platform, it can be found at

So starting out with the Eclipse framework we have built the beginnings of a user and administration tool for the Xindice database. It does all of the basics now and we invite you to work with us in filling out the functionality further. Take a look at our Attrezzo walk through, which describes the tool and also includes screen shots.

What do you need to use Attrezzo?

  1. Well the first thing is probably a running Xindice database. If you do not have it yet, pick one up at
  2. A stable version of the base Eclipse platform. You can use either the Eclipse SDK or the Platform Runtime Binary. These can be found at
  3. We depend on the SolarEclipse XML plugin. Pick up the latest version at
  4. We also depend on Release 0.1.2 or later of the nox.logger plugin. Pick up the latest version at
  5. And of course a copy of the Attrezzo per Xindice plugin which you can locate by clicking here.

We are hopeful that you find Attrezzo useful and pleasurable to use. We very much welcome your comments and we would love it if you felt inclined to join in on working on making Attrezzo even better.

Attrezzo 20020314
Release notes 20020314
Attrezzo 20020302
Release notes 20020302

CVS to come soon
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