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Attrezzo Release 20020314

The biggest novelty of release 20020314 is the implementation of facilities for importing and exporting Xindice resources from and to the file system. As explained in the Attrezzo Walk Through, this functionality is achieved via Wizards.

We have also introduced a dialog box requesting confirmation of any delete action, to avoid accidental removal of important database items. A confirmation request is also issued when choosing to remove an existing server location.

We have fixed a problem that, under certain circumstances, caused the hierarchical tree representing the Xindice resources to reveal empty dangling links when a node with no displayable children was expanded.

In the previous releases some special handling was necessary to get the log4j logging via nox.logger to produce output. The nox.logger team has produced a new release, 0.1.2, which fully addresses these problems--thanks Cagatay! This release of Attrezzo is dependent on the new nox.logger, so please download it if you do not have a copy yet. Logging output for Attrezzo goes both to the Eclipse console and the file eclipse/Attrezzo.log.

Finally, this release sees a considerable improvement in the Javadoc documentation of the source code.

We have not yet set up a CVS repository on, but we will as soon as there are committers on the project besides ourselves. For now you will find full source to the plugin in the release download; the file name is

For documentation on the tool, take a look at the Attrezzo Walk Through. To download this release, click here. Information on all of the components that are needed for Attrezzo to work can be found in the home page.

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