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Attrezzo Release 20020302

Release 20020302 is a bug fix release for Attrezzo per Xindice the repairs a packaging error in that the dependency to xerces-1.4.3.jar was not fullfilled in the release. This fixes bug 524368 reported by Peter Wilkinson; thanks Peter. 

As per the earlier release 20020228, it is available under the Apache Software License. It provides all the essential functionality needed by users and administrators to work on an Xindice database. This functionality includes the definition of the location of an existing Xindice server on which to work and the manipulation of Xindice resources, namely addition, modification and removal of Xindice collection and documents. The relocation of an Xindice document can be achieved by using the "Save As" and "Delete" functions on the document itself. A basic XML editor, which is an extension to the editor provided by the SolarEclipse plugin, enables the user to create (and modify) document content. Facilities for importing and exporting Xindice resources from and to the file system are not yet available in this release, but will be in the forthcoming one. Furthermore, the next release will also see the introduction of progress monitors that indicate activity in progress during lengthy operations.

Unfortunately some special handling is necessary in this release if you want to get the log4j logging via nox.logger to produce output. A customized file is packaged with the release, you will find it at eclipse/plugins/org.etish.xindice.attrezzo_1.0.0/ Replace the file Nox file eclipse/plugins/nox.logger/ with our version. Logging output for Attrezzo will now go to the file eclipse/Attrezzo.log. The nox.logger team is addressing this problem and in the near future it will be possible for plugins like Attrezzo to use extension points to register new appenders. For now please bear with the inconvenience of the special handling during installation.

We have not yet set up a CVS repository on, but we will as soon as there are committers on the project besides ourselves. For now you will find full source to the plugin in the release download; the file name is

For documentation on the tool, take a look at the Attrezzo Walk Through. To download this release, click here. Information on all of the components that are needed for Attrezzo to work can be found in the home page.

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